Digital Surveillance Systems

PA Digital Surveillance Systems supports the FBI’s views and concerns regarding CCTV equipment and installation

Providing you with peace of mind.

Fighting, Theft, Fraud & Crime One Camera at a Time.

Deter, Prevent and when all else fails identify the who, what, where and when with a customized surveillance camera system from Digital Surveillance Systems PA.

• Site surveying

• Surveillance System design

• 24/7 Online Internet Access

• Installation and maintenance

• Repair Service and Tech Support

• Home and Commercial Sales and Service

• Customized Digital Surveillance Systems

Installing digital surveillance equipment provides the business or home owner the opportunity to take control of their assets, by deterring various crimes from occurring. If deterrence fails, then the surveillance equipment is utilized to document the incident and provide video evidence to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Having the proper equipment also increases employee productivity and discourages improper behavior. While at the same time reduces liability and is a solid defense to defend against potential litigations. Camera technology today also allows for remote monitoring so the business or home owner can monitor their store, office, home or properly via the Internet from the comfort of their home.

Whether intended as a deterrent for theft, inappropriate behavior, a management tool for rewarding good behavior, or both, PA Digital Surveillance Systems, LLC has the surveillance system you need with the service and support to give you complete control of your operation whether you’re there or not.

We provide you with peace of mind. Remotely monitor your cameras from anywhere in the world at any time via the Internet.

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